Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The "Excitement-pedia"

The students have begun SAT testing this week,and will continue for a few days next week as well. They have stayed relatively quiet, asked a few off-the-wall questions, but have basically slowed down, listened to directions, and TRIED to stay as non-antsy as possible. After testing however, it's no holds barred on the release of energy!!! Kinda like a wind-up toy....

Anyhow, today while they were running around the gym, Mr. Jamie came in to watch them for a bit. One of the girls came over to him, and was talking about what I'm not sure, but she began to list off a bunch of books. The College Dictionary was one, but then she mentioned the "Excitement-pedia". ("The what?!?" Mr. Jamie and I said.) The Excitement-pedia. (Yup, that was what she said.) "You need to use the "Excitement-pedia!"

So, just remember, when you have to look up some obscure fact, you should use the "Excitement-pedia." Maybe it will make it easier and more fun.


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